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Outdoor Water Filtration Straw

Outdoor Water Filtration Straw


*1. Material: ABS

*2. Filtration life: 5000 L

*3. Filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron (minimum)

*4. Application temperature: 32 °F - 90 °F

*5. Weight: 50 g

*6. Size: 140*36 mm


*1. Four levels of physical filtration for safe outdoor drinking

*2. Selected ABS material, durable, high-temperature resistance, more practical and not easy to damage

*3. Strong adsorption, plus large contact area for water, making your drinking process easy and effortless

*4. UF filter core, highly efficient removal of small impurities to remove large particles, residual impurities of sediment and rust, while retaining beneficial mineral elements

*5. Multi-layer filter straw to improve water quality

*6. Simple outdoor design, lightweight and small size, portable and easy to store

*7. Filtration life reaches 5000 L

Packing list:

Water filter*1

Water bag*1


Syringe *1