Paracord Watch

Suitable for any survival condition, this portable wristwatch exhibits long string nylon Paracord, including brooch pins, floats, swivels, alcohol pad, etc. for outdoor recreation. This survival paramedic bracelet watch is a multifunctional ETC tool perfect for tourism, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Product Features:
  • The bracelet is measured 10 inches in length with side release buckle strap; Length when fully deployed is 2.6 Meters or 8.5 Feet; Made from high-quality Heavy Duty Military spec 7 Strand 550 lb Paracord; Equipped with a scraper, waterproof watch, a whistle, and a removable compass.
  • Life-saving whistle: The built-in whistle is clear and loud to be heard from miles away; use the whistle to call for help or scare animals away; 
  • Compass: the removable compass provides easy safety for navigation while traveling; Waterproof luminous watch: wherever it can tell you the time accurately even in the no-light place or water; 
  • Thermograph: it can tell you the temperature in time.
  • The rope is anti-corrosion and anti-aging, can bear 400 pounds of things, also, it can be used in many other ways, repair equipment, replace shoelaces, rig an improvised hammock, etc.
  • Scraper: Can be used as a knife.