Emergency Tourniquet

This one-handed tourniquet with non-latex, small buckle design, provides ultimate medical assistance by quickly controlling life-threatening bleeding. Moreover, it is perfectly applicable to the arms and thighs.

Product Features: 

  • Made of nylon strap and nylon clasp, this outdoor tourniquet is lightweight, durable, and portable.
  • The spinning tourniquet is a wonderful helper when in an emergency. It relies on strong contractility to rapidly compress blood vessels to block the continued outflow of blood.
  • Compared to traditional yarn tourniquet, this tourniquet can quickly stop bleeding within several seconds. In addition, it can be used on your own. Just quickly stop bleeding for yourself even without the help of comrades or medical workers.
  • It is simple and practical to use, which only requires one hand.
  • Suitable for the bleeding of veins and main arteries of legs and arms

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Nylon Clasp, Nylon Strap
  • Color: Orange, Blue, Black
  • Size: Unfold:about 95x4cm,Fold:16x4cm
  • Theme: Sports


  • Place the tourniquet 5-250px above the wound, wrap the limb around and then insert the buckled ring
  • Tighten the self-adhesive tape in the opposite direction, spins the bar until the bleeding stops
  • Put the bar into the fixed clip. The extra self-adhesive tape wraps continuously and then sealed by the fixed strap. Record the time when the bleeding stops

Package includes:

  • 1x tourniquet