About Us

Welcome to Big Oak Supplies!

I grew up the son of an educator and a nurse. I was taught the value of knowledge, health and preparedness at an early age. When I was young I had a couple very traumatic experiences which I think have shaped who I am and are the background reason for this project.

My fondest memories of growing up with the family are all the camping, fishing and hiking adventures.  I felt so free and alive during these times, I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to recreate those moments.

One time I was with my cousin way way out in the ocean playing with our GI Joe Coast Guard toy(it came with a raft, binoculars and a life preserver!-so cool). 

GI Joe Coast Guard

We were so engrossed with our fantasy world we didn’t notice the tide coming in and how the water got deeper and deeper. 

Our parents had 7-10 kids to watch at any given time so they didn’t notice us either (these were the days before the shielded bubble wrapped childhood, thank God). We were kind of screwed in this deep water and floating further and further from the shore. 

We eventually started screaming for our lives.  I noticed I was getting weaker by the minute and probably would eventually drown if we didn’t get any help soon.  I was scared for my life for the first time in ever and I know it was my own darn fault. I even felt badly for having gotten my cousin in this condition because she was younger than me.

Well, thank God a woman heard us and paddled a raft out to save us.  I was so thankful I’ll never forget her face!  From that day onward all warnings of precaution were taken with a little bit more seriousness and the Boy Scout oath of “Be Prepared” really took on a new meaning for me.  

Then a few months later my sister, who was then only ten years old was given a deadly medical diagnosis. She was very very ill and it scared me to my bones. Fearing for my own life was one thing, but I felt so helpless and afraid for her life now and that was new.  She was in so much pain she could barely walk some days. She had no energy and was just not the same girl I knew and loved. My mother took her to every specialist in New York and Boston; the best doctors in the world! They all said the same thing, that my beautiful sister was going to die with this disease and that there was no hope and no cure.

My mother was a strong Christian and a very spiritual person and would just not accept this fate. Her faith would not allow it, but she also knew prayer and faith was not enough. Someone once said (the Quakers?), "pray AND move thy feet!"

Now, along the way on this journey I was also joining in on this new healthy lifestyle and I was not sick but I realized I got better anyway. Wow! Human potential started to open up for me as I knew there was really no limit to the amount of energy I could have and the level of health I could achieve. I eventually became a Chiropractic Physician and Nutritionist along with my brother and sister.

In my practice, I've treated over 25,000 people and I still believe what I learned as a child; there truly is no limit to the level of health a person can achieve with the right attitude, faith in Natural Law and the best food and nutrition a body can get.

Fitness and outdoor life are a big part of my healthy, fun and satisfying lifestyle. The very best times with my wife are the outdoor activities: skiing, paddle boarding and kayaking.  She’s not a hunter and is not much for hard core camping but we both love good times in nature. 

Hiking with my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, fishing, hunting and just about anything I can get away with out in the outdoors is what really drives me and gets me up out of bed in the morning. I work hard so I can have more time with my wife, my dogs and my family and friends outdoors doing our thing.

I created Big Oak Supplies because I know how confusing it can be to research and source the best supplies, gear, emergency supplies, apparel, survival and prepping supplies, including supplements. There is so much false data and junk out there in the marketplace it just makes me sick!

The trouble is, it’s also making other people sick because they're wasting money on these inferior useless products. I found myself going to 7 different stores to source the very best and find what I needed and finally decided that I should create the best one stop shop for all of my outdoor lifestyle, adventure and health products so folks can trust that the items they see there is only super high quality that I would use myself and share with my wife, brother and sister and friends who are my greatest fans but also my toughest critics!

I hope you love it and please stay in touch with me personally to discuss improvements and needed changes.  Big Oak Supplies is a lifestyle, a community and a movement. 

Thank you for reading!

Owner of Big Oak Supplies, Dr. Tim O'Connor